The Significance of the Silhouetted Tree

I have chosen the silhouette of a tree in winter as the logo for my estates law practice for several reasons:

First, it represents my commitment to run my practice in an environmentally responsible manner by:

  • creating and preserving most documents in electronic rather than paper format
    (also allowing the data to be encrypted and password protected, with backup off site)
  • using recycled paper stationery
  • driving a Toyota Prius and planning appointments to minimize driving distance
  • powering my home with Bullfrog Power electricity and natural gas

Second, the tree is a symbol of two issues of critical concern to me and my clients:

  • our families (managing the affairs of aging parents or administering their estates, or providing for minor or disabled children and other relatives)
  • our own life cycle (dealing with issues relating to incapacity and mortality)

My goal is to assist my clients in dealing with these issues not on a one-time basis but as a regular advisor and trusted resource who can maximize the wealth of and minimize conflicts within the family.

Many of my clients will also be familiar with my explanation of the phrase "per stirpes",which also bears a connection to the family tree.

Finally, I have an esthetic fascination with "naked" trees and took countless photographs of them in my days as an active although very amateur photographic enthusiast.