Experience and Expertise

I have nineteen years of experience in estate planning and administration, including:

  • preparing wills and trusts to transfer assets to family members, friends and charities
  • advising on strategies for reducing taxes while living and upon and after death
  • incorporating, organizing and reorganizing closely-held corporations, including medicine professional corporations and dentistry professional corporations
  • assisting executors with probating wills and administering estates
  • preparing estate, trust and guardianship accounts
  • advising trustees, guardians and attorneys in carrying out their fiduciary obligations
  • helping clients to prepare for the possibility of their own mental incapacity by way of trusts and powers of attorney for property and personal care
  • protecting mentally incapable family members by way of Henson trusts or guardianship applications

My legal experience also equips me to act in a more direct and personal role as executor, trustee or attorney for property where there is no suitable family member or friend to do so, or where a client wishes to appoint an independent professional executor to deal with complex assets or to manage difficult relationships among the beneficiaries.

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